Studio Shamah

SALE PRICE: $1200 + Shipping

Studio Shamah is excited to work with you to create a largescale custom calligraphy which corresponds with your aesthetic and personal desires. Are you looking for a customized Eshet Hayyil (Women of Valour) as a wedding gift? A section of a parasha (weekly Torah reading) as a gift for a bnei mitzvah? A personalized Hebrew poem, be it from the Bible, Yehuda Halevi, or a contemporary poet? We’re happy to create any body of text, in almost any language, for any occasion into a beautiful piece of art.

The cost will include a consultation (either in-person, or virtually for those commissioning at distances), and the final product will be painted onto high quality, cold-pressed watercolor paper, using a variety of inks, watercolor papers from Japan, Bombay dyes, and gold leaf. The size of the piece will be in A2 size, or roughly 42 by 60 cm (with the inclusion of exclusion of a few centimeters according to design demands).

“I have seen so much art from Moshe over the years. His style is unique and beautiful, a fresh take on old Judaica that is true to its roots while being inventive. From his ornate Ketubot, to his whimsical collages, and his stylized drawings of scenes, Moshe is an artist for every type of medium and work.” – Nadav S, Jerusalem


Customized Calligraphy A2