Studio Shamah

Custom Made Ketubah, (Roughly 50 x 75 cm.)

SALE PRICE: $1500 + Shipping

Your custom made Ketubah awaits you! Studio Shamah aims to offer you a Ketubah, or Jewish Marriage Contract, which represents you and your partner in symbolism, aesthetic, and heritage! Combining traditional methods with contemporary stylization, you will receive a piece which is tailored to your specific design and color palette that will join the engaged couple in eternal love and marriage.

In acquiring the custom ketubah service, the couple will have a consultation (either in person, or virtually if residing in different countries) with the artist, in order to discuss their desired text and design preferences, as well as look through a variety of historical ketubot together in order to identify themes and motifs which they like or dislike. Each work uses Bombay Inks, Japanese Watercolors, Gold Leaf, and more, to bring a brilliant and vibrant piece, painted on high quality, cold-pressed and hand-cut watercolor paper. Pieces will be 50 cm by 75 cm, unless design purposes require an additional or fewer few centimeters (parameters subject to a change of up to 5-6 centimeters in either direction to satisfy the design needs).

We look forward to being a part of your special day, and helping bind you in eternal matrimony with a piece that represents the both of you in every regard!

Please Note: Customized Ketubot must be ordered at least two months ahead of the wedding date, so as to accommodate for scheduling, and if relevant, shipping times.

“The idea of having a personalized ketubah was very important for my husband and I. This ‘piece of paper’ is not just a simple contract: it is the ring to a lifetime of love, and a generational inheritance. The artist did not hesitate one second to take the challenge and helped us put in colors our vision of our ketubah to make it a piece of art. Elegant, and using the highest quality tools and material to produce this magnificent ketubah. The surprise we had when we discovered it was one of the most beautiful gifts we could have on our wedding day! Thank you to this grand artist!” – Jeny M. 2019

Custom Made Ketubah, (Roughly 50 x 75 cm.)