Art series


“The world is a broken place, literally a broken vessel, our our human task is to put those fragments together – to repair the brokenness.” 
The intuition to make collage and mixed media was inspired in the year 2016, a year of turmoil. A year which inevitably set in motion poltical and sociological conditions whose ramifications left entire populations in delirium and dread. Civilizations near their expiration days. Cultures in their death throws, replaced by technocracy.

Truth is lost as a function of the world. 

The act of making collage, and joining artistic mediums is an act of rebellion against dishonesty. We make a new vision out of the shard of the vessel. 


Photography as a form is perhaps the most risqué, an inherent double entendre. A medium where regardless of the deep desire to fabricate and make fantastic, there will be a kernel of truth rooted in an existent image-  and regardless of the aim of honest reportage, the viewer will always be exposed to a propagandistic intake of the will of the photographer. 

Shamah’s photography aims to record the Jewish and Israeli condition as a human condition, the attempt to embody the classical Zionist ideal of the normalization of the people of this land among the nations, while addressing their unique place and experience in the history of man.