Studio Shamah

Art series

Collage & Mixed-Media 

“The world is a broken place, literally a broken vessel, our our human task is to put those fragments together – to repair the brokenness.” 
The intuition to make collage and mixed media was inspired in the year 2016, a year of turmoil. A year which inevitably set in motion political and sociological conditions whose ramifications left entire populations in delirium, with truth itself increasingly lost as a function of the world. And thus, the responsibility falls on artists, of all mediums, to pick up and reorder the chaos into human expression.

The act of making collage, and joining artistic mediums is an act of rebellion against dishonesty and disorientation. Thus, a new vision is forged out of the shards of the vessel. 

Charity Series 

Starting in 2022, Studio Shamah started producing a series of Charity Series, focused on fundraising for the refugees, and the soldiers of Ukraine, who are fighting for their freedom and lives each day. The Mixed-Media and Painting Series is an ongoing project, which donates 50-85% of the proceeds (depending on the piece) to direct action causes, ensuring that the patron’s money directly helps a person in need. Future Charity Series lined up for the year 2023, will also work with organizations which fight against the human rights abuses of the Iranian Regime, as well as an organization which campaigns for victims of sexual abuse. Using our art to make an impact towards a better world is a strong commitment of Studio Shamah, and stay tuned for our upcoming projects! 

If you represent a grassroots NGO or direct action committee seeking to work with an artist to coordinate a charity auction, please reach out to us at