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Custom Ketubot

From the Eastern most reaches of Europe, to the sun-kissed cities of North Africa and the Middle East, Jews have always elaborated decorated Ketubot with deeply personal and symbolic designs. While many face challenges with the Ketubah as a “cold legalistic document,” the choice to terms something rather plain into something of great beauty always remains the greatest option. These documents, personalized and beautified will be passed down through families for many generations, expressing the heritage and personal philosophy that you aim to transfer to your descendants. 
Studio Shamah is dedicated to working with couples to discover their exact aesthetic preferences, getting to know them as individuals, and developing a document which best represents bride and groom in unison forever.


From the very advent of Jewish art, calligraphies remain one of the most present and pronounced art forms evident through the centuries. Calligraphic works have adorned Jewish artifacts and homes for many generations, with illustrious depictions of Eshet Hayil (Women of Valor), unique and often abstract illuminations of Hebrew Bible Manuscripts, as well as personal pieces of various lines of Biblical and Traditional wisdom. Often, individuals gift such objects for newlywed couples, those who have recently purchased or moved into a new home and host a Hanukat Bayit, or have celebrated another life cycle event. 
Studio Shamah is happy to work with you to bring to life exactly the lines of our great tradition which speak to you, in the form and design which best expresses you.