Studio Shamah

Additional projects & partners

Hollander-Waas Heritage Services

Hollander-Waas Jewish Heritage Services is a high-class geneaological research company based out of both Israel, and the United States. Their goal is to help uncover and preserve the past of Jewish families from various backgrounds and countries. Their areas of expertise include but are not limited to: Holocaust records and documentation, DNA test interpretation and evaluation, early American families, Emigration and Citizenship record, as well as probate and court records. They offer an elite service which includes hours worth of intensive research, DNA testing, hardbound family history books, and family trees. 

Studio Shamah currently has an outstanding partnership with Hollander-Waas JHS as an “Artist-on-Retainer,” offering high-quality, largescale family trees for those who select this service. The family trees are watercolor and ink based, painted onto quality cold-pressed stock paper, and painted with select paints and inks from India and Japan. 

We encourage you to peruse and inquire about their services at this link.

Memento Analysis – Myriam Cohenca

Tel Aviv-based artist and photographer Myriam Cohenca, works with art inspired by art therapy, exploring the toxicity of contemporary media and the sociological effects it has on both the individual and society at large. Tackling mixed-media and collage as an integrated platform for self-portraiture and more, Cohenca is quite clearly one of the most innovative and creative artists in the Israeli cultural topography today. Memento Analysis is available to take on a variety of commissions such as but not limited to, photography sessions and portraiture, branding and logo design, and more. A close friend of M. Shamah, the two artists collaborate on a variety of projects, such as manual collages made in unison, as well as curatorial projects which will be made public in the coming year. See more work here.

Obadiah the Proselyte Project

This project, undertaken by the artist and his academic mentor, Dr. Gary Rendsburg of Rutgers University, aimed to create a public academic source and research for the manuscript materials of Obadiah the Proselyte. Obadiah, born Johannes of Oppido, was an Italian-Norman monk who converted to Judaism and kept a detail travelogue of his journeys through the Near East following his conversion. Obadiah’s materials, found in the the Cairo Geniza, may be the earliest personal records written in the Hebrew language preserved today, and features a biographical history, an analysis of the Jewish condition of the cities and communities Johannes visited, and several hand-written sheets of music, Jewish blessings and piyyutim set to the meter of  Gregorian chant.

The link is as follows: