Studio Shamah

Custom Watercolor Landscape A4

SALE PRICE: $450 + Shipping

If you’re in the market for a custom-commissioned watercolor, capturing your landscape or location of choice, then look no further!  These watercolor landscapes employ a multitude of styles in a combination of surrealism, pointillism, and the unique perspectives of the artist. This order is in the A4 size, or roughly 21  by 29.7 cm.

Studio Shamah is happy to create a painting which will capture your exact desires, and liven up your room! Paintings are made using Japanese Watercolor Paints, Bombay and Sennelier Inks, Chinese Dye, and Charcoal, all rendered on high quality watercolor paper and framed in a simple black frame!

“Moshe created a beautiful piece for me inspired by a photo I sent him. I wanted it to be a surprise but was truly blown away by the beauty and vibrant color. He is so talented and amazing to work with!” – Ariela A, Jerusalem

Custom Watercolor Landscape A4