Studio Shamah

All Will Be Ukraine! – Slava Ukraini Series

SALE PRICE: $320 + Shipping

Bombay Ink & Japanese Watercolor, Gold Leaf Paint, on Watercolor Paper, 20 x 25 cm, Black Frame.

Drawing upon the aesthetic of posters and artwork during the fight of the Refusniks/Let My People Go protests, as well as Ukraine’s national symbol of resistance: the sunflower, this piece is one of an ongoing Studio Shamah series, “Slava Ukraini,” aimed at helping the refugees and armed forces of Ukraine, as they fight for freedom and democracy.  Part of the proceeds will go directly to aiding Ukrainian refugees and victory!

“I was very fortunate to buy two lovely pieces of artwork in line with my support of Ukraine designed with great detail by Peter Moshe Shamah of Studio Shamah” – Stephen Hoffman, Founder of the Stand With Ukraine!  Community